Born:  Springfield in the early 1980’s at 15h51 Food: Thai Music: Reggae Occupation: Author Pet Hate: Oily Food TV show: The Itchy and Scratchy … More


Born:  Observatory on the 23rd March 2016 at 17h29 Food: Thai Coconut Chicken Soup Music: Light Classical Occupation: Welder Pet Hate: Green Peppers TV … More


Born:  Ontario on the 23rd March 2016 at 12h04 Food: Watermelon Music: Punk Rock Occupation: Personal Shopper Pet Hate: Bullies TV show: Border Control … More


Born: Barbados on the 21st March 1946 at 18h09 Food: Buffalo Wings Music: Trance Occupation: Male Nurse Pet Hate: Fly Swatters TV show: How Do … More


Born: Hollywood, California on the 12th March 1946 at 11h11 Food: Apple juice and yoghurt Music: Lady Gaga Occupation: Actress and singer Pet Hate: … More


Born: Falmouth on the 4th March at 10h40 Food: Hot toast and butter Music: Felix Mendelssohn (obviously) Occupation: Wheel tapper for Transnet … More


Born: Kentucky on the 1st March at 17h35 Food: Asparagus Music: 1812 Overture Occupation: Pacifist Pet Hate: Violence TV show: Dynomutt, … More