Proudly South Africa

Born: Cape Town 24th October 2016 @ 07h57 Food: Braai Music: Kwela (Township penny whistle) Occupation: Looking for a peaceful co-existence Pet Hate: Corrupt politicians Movie: Invictus … More


Born: Hanoi on 23rd October 2016 @ 07h14 Food: Hummus Music: Holt Occupation: Horticulturist Pet Hate: Humans Movie: Halloween 11 Best quote: Only the knife knows … More

Self Portrait with Ball and Chain

Born: Aliwal North on 21st February 2016 @ 08h31 Food: Smoked Salmon Music: Mozart Occupation: Needle Artist Pet Hate: Stupidity Movie: Dead Poet’s Society … More


Born: Cape Town on 18th April 2006 Food: Biltong Music: Madonna Occupation: Guard Dog Pet Hate: Short People and Kids Movie: Smokey … More