Born: Clarence on 13th February 2016 @ 14h16 Food: Clumps of cheese Music: Clapping (I know it IS strange) Occupation: Developer Pet Hate: Beige … More


Born: Saturn on 13th February 2016 @ 14h08 Food: Squid Music: Symphonic Occupation: Squid Farmer (Humboldt Inc.) Pet Hate: Satin Movie: Squeaky Clean Best quote: “The … More

She Devil

Born: Somerset West on 13th February 2016 @ 13h58 Food: Shellfish Music: Samba Occupation: Shimmy Shirt Shaker Pet Hate: Sherry Movie: Shadow of the … More


Born: Jamestown on 13th February 2016 @ 13h50 Food: Jell-O Music: Jive Occupation: Jodhpur Cleaner Pet Hate: Juniper Jam Movie: Jackass Best quote: “He had a … More

Bush baby

Born: Bahamas on 13th February 2016 @ 13h44 Food: Bugs Music: Blues Occupation: Beatin’ round the bush Pet Hate: Mis-administrators Movie: Bear Grylls goes to the … More


Born: Lourdes on 13th February 2016 @ 13h39 Food: Lemons Music: Lute Occupation: Lolly licker Pet Hate: Artificial lemon flavouring Movie: Louis IV Best quote: Keep Calm … More


Born: France on 31st July 1925 @ 13h33 Food: Bread and marmalade Music: Hymns Occupation: Missionary Pet Hate: Cooking smells Movie: Ben Hur Best quote: “This too … More