Born: Vermont on 29th November 2016 @ 18h16 Food: Vermicelli Music: Violin Occupation: Part time Ventriloquist full time Volcanologist Pet Hate: Green leafy vegetables Movie: V Best … More


Born: Somerset West on 29th November 2016 @ 10h14 Food: Seaweed Music: Soul Occupation: Egg Inspector Pet Hate: Self pity Movie: Summer Best quote: A stitch in time … More


Born: South Africa on 29th November 2016 @ 09h39 Food: Peanuts Music: Popcorn Occupation: Being cute Pet Hate: Being away from her grandmother Movie: Mary Poppins … More


Born: Welgelegen South Africa on 28th November 2016 @ 07h19 Food: Watermelon Music: Whistling Occupation: Water Sheriff Pet Hate: Widget abuse Movie: Waterworld Best quote: Laugh to … More


Born: Fiji on 26th July @ 17h35 Food: Figs Music: Anything on a Glockenspiel Occupation: Dental Hygienist Pet Hate: Hot milk in anything Movie: Flubber Best … More


Born: Naples on 23rd July @ 13h20 Food: All things Italian Music: Guitar Occupation: Burlesque dancer Pet Hate: Being confused with a male Gremolata Show: The Rocky … More


Born: Algeria on 22nd July @ 11h23 Food: Pâté de foie gras, turtle soup and fizz Music: The roaring 20’s Occupation: Actuary Pet Hate: Warm champagne Show: … More