Born: Shri Lanka on 31st May 2017 @ 11h46 Food: Sherbet Music: Schubert Occupation: Lingerie Inspector Pet Hate: Pantyhose Movie: Davie Shawshank Redemption Best quote: “Why … More

Crabula Nebuli

Born: Under the Aurora Borealis on 31st May 2017 @ 11h40 Food: Crabsticks Music: The Shrimp Song Occupation: Net Clipper Pet Hate: Fishermen Movie: The … More


Born: Ruanda on 31st May 2017 @ 11h36 Food: Rhubarb Music: Reggae Occupation: Creating fantasy nightmares Pet Hate: Feta Movie: Rambo of course Best quote: “I … More


Born: Angola on 31st May 2017 @ 11h31 Food: Anchovy Music: African drums Occupation: Temporary washing line volunteer Pet Hate: Reindeer jokes Movie: White Christmas … More

Silo the Sea-Lion pup

Born: Simons town on 31st May 2017 @ 11h23 Food: Sausages Music: Salsa Occupation: Sardine Motivator Pet Hate: Jay Walkers Movie: Free Willy Best quote: “Life … More


Born: Florida on 31st May 2017 @ 11h19 Food: Floss (Candy) Music: Floyd Occupation: Flue cleaner Pet Hate: inFLUenza Movie: Flee Blind Mice Best quote: “Flee the … More


Born: Mogadishu on 26th March 2017 @ 11h56 Food: Melons Music: Mahler Occupation: Landmine sweeper Pet Hate: Inconsiderate people Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show … More


Born: Clarence on 13th February 2016 @ 14h16 Food: Clumps of cheese Music: Clapping (I know it IS strange) Occupation: Developer Pet Hate: Beige … More


Born: Saturn on 13th February 2016 @ 14h08 Food: Squid Music: Symphonic Occupation: Squid Farmer (Humboldt Inc.) Pet Hate: Satin Movie: Squeaky Clean Best quote: “The … More

She Devil

Born: Somerset West on 13th February 2016 @ 13h58 Food: Shellfish Music: Samba Occupation: Shimmy Shirt Shaker Pet Hate: Sherry Movie: Shadow of the … More